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what's next for the nation? president obama returns to the white house triumphant but a divided congress awaits him. >> four more years for the approximate, but the balance of power didn't change. can congress put politics aside. compromise has been elusive. >> reporter: the house and senate are essentially the same
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as before the election. what could be different is a new attitude. president obama and his family returned to the white house tonight. >> hey guys. >> hello mr. president. >> reporter: no doubt hoping for warmer relations with the republican controlled house of representatives. >> mr. president, this is your moment. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner indicated a new willingness to work with the president. >> we want you to succeed. let's challenge ourselves to find the common ground that has eluded us. let's rise above the dysfunction and do the right thing together for our country. >> reporter: but can the speaker make deals with the white house and still satisfy tea party republicans. >> i'm not sure i see that changing over the next few years. >> reporter: usf political analyst, david latterman says republicans are at a cross roads. either continue to stone call -- >> or do they get the message that a lot of people don't want that, and there is room for
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compromise, and they do come to some accommodation on a couple things. >> reporter: diana feinstein says there's hope. >> we have to find some ways to use that word, which some are disdainful of berks you which i see in an enormously confident sense, and that word is compromise. >> this isn't something that i'm going drawing lining in the sand. he's not going to draw any lines in the sand, i don't believe. >> reporter: compromise may be what voters want, but republicans may be seeming to decide if compromise not only works for the country, but for their own party and political future. with the election now behind us, washington lawmakers now turn their attention to the so-called fiscal cliff looming at the end of the year. there will be $600 billion in
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automatic tax increases, as temporary tax breaks end, and new taxes take effect. at the same time, the government will have to implement massive spending cuts agreed upon last year as part of a debt ceiling deal. join boehner opened the door to new taxes. >> for the purposes of forging a bipartisan agreement that begins to some the problem, we're willing to accept new revenue under the right conditions. >> boehner said the right conditions including a overhaul of entitlements, reform of the tax code. some democrats immediately objected to lowering income tax. the dow industrials fell 300 points. nasdaq fell 74. the market's toughest day was made worse by scaled back estimates from europe.
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the city of san jose is raising its minimum wage before the level set by the state. live at san jose state, and tells us the vote could be the start of a whole new trend. >> reporter: frank, if you work in san jose and make minimum wage, you're getting a raise. you just have to look across the street to find a business affected. at grande restaurante, it will soon cost more dough for these employees that make dough. >> increased prices reduces sales. it's kind of hard right now. >> reporter: increasing the minimum wage from $8 an hour to $10 an hour. >> it means that i will be able to go off of food stamps, which i'm currently on, and i won't have to pick and choose between which bills i have to pay. >> it adds up over time. >> reporter: you can see by
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green on this map, the strongest support came from the downtown, northern, and eastern portions of san jose. >> it's obvious the voters of san jose really voted with their hearts, not their minds. >> reporter: starting next year, san francisco's rate will go up to $10.55 an hour. albuquerque, new mexico's wage will rise to $10.350. the idea in san jose started with students in this professor's classroom. >> i think there's going to be an explosion of citywide minimum wage ordinances in 2015. we started getting calls today about how did you do it? >> reporter: the move will cost the city of san jose about $630,000 estimated for every year. and the minimum wage increase is expected to go into effect
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around march of next year, which is 90 days after the vote is certified. live in downtown san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu, channel 2 news. voter turn out statewide was significantly lower than four years ago. according to the secretary of state's office. 59% of voters in california went to the polls yesterday. in 2008, that number was above 70%. here in the bay area, just over half, or almost 55% of registered voters cast ballots yesterday. the santa clara county registrar said it has almost a quarter million ballots to count. more than 35,000 provisional ballots. stay with the 10:00 news. in 9 minutes, mitt romney's last minute decision after losing the election. plus, a tax hike, statewide. the refund some students will get as a result. and at 10:45 the vote yesterday that could set thousands of inmates free.
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striking workers at raleys, and knob hill supermarkets rallied for support. they've been on the picket line for four days. workers rallied at this nob hill store in alameda. the workers are against proposed cuts to their health benefits, and also the elimination of people pay on sundays. one worker said he's been with the company for 23 years. >> i believe in this company, and i still believe in it. >> reporter: raley's issued a statement saying in part, it is clearly understand that our company must reduce our operating costs so we may become more competitive against non-union competition. caltran passengers on the peninsula faced delays this evening after a commuter train slammed into a car. it happened at pennsylvania avenue, and maple street about
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6:00 tonight. caltrain tells us, the driver of that car accidently turned on the tracks and the car became stuck. a woman and child were inside the car, but managed to get out before the train plowed into them. train service was disrupted for about 90 minutes, while a tow truck removed the car from the tracks. a hit-and-run accident in sonoma claimed the life of a man. alvin hess was hit by a pt cruiser. officers quickly located the car and the driver. they arrested joe lee on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter and driving with a suspended license. the 80-year-old lee told police he thought he had hit debris in the road. an 11-month-old girl is hospitalized, and in serious condition tonight, after
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falling from an upstairs window in fremont, and landing 30 feet who. it happened around 2:00 p.m., in a home in the 800 block of walnut avenue. firefighters say the baby landed on juniper bushes and concrete and suffered from seizures. police say the fall appears to be accidental. a two-alarm fire badly damaged a home in santa clara county this afternoon. firefighters were called in an unincorporated area near los gatos about 3:30 this afternoon. investigators say it appears the fire started when the residents were burning wood in an outdoor fireplace, and a spark set the roof on fire. it took firefighters about an hour and a half to put out the flames. three people in the home managed to get out unharmed. new at 10:00, a community celebration tonight honoring a bay area organization that has been providing services to military veterans for 38 years. heather holmes is live tonight in san francisco.
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and tells us the group swords to plowshares is planning to start a new chapter. >> reporter: onthe front doors lies much more than just beds for these former service members. on any given night in san francisco, hundreds of homeless veterans combat life on the street. randall found himself sleeping on city sidewalks after serving in the army in the 1980s. >> i came home, there was no jobs. i got involved in a lost stuff going on in the tenderloin, and it consumed me. almost took my life. >> reporter: he said he would be dead had he not found swords to plowshares. >> they helped get me to a place where i can help get myself grounded. >> reporter: he was recognized
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at the veterans day dinner. not far from the event, crews were working on the first housing facility for veterans to be built in the facility in 12 years. >> it was a being used for surplus, property. now down at 75 units. it's going to take vets right off the street into housing. >> each vet will stay in furnished housing. these vulnerable veterans will also receive comprehensive care and services on site. >> you can't just throw people in a hotel. you've got to build. you've got to build a community. you've got to have staffing right there. we're going to have meals. we're going to have a chance for vets to get to know each other and be counseled. >> in a first, va staff will be here around the clock. heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. winter like weather is on the way. when rain will reach your neighborhood, and snow could
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fall on some local peaks. >> there's a party going on here in walnut 'v
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a produce delivery truck slammed into a bar in san francisco's north beach today. investigators say the truck's brakes failed. the driver was taken to the hospital. since 1907, there has been a bar at this location on
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columbus avenue. it was the san francisco brewing company, performer it became the comstock saloon. a prize for standing out in front of the soon to be opened chick-fil-a? free meals for a year. >> reporter: a lot of dedicated fans. this is a little game area here. if you look over here, you can see there's a dance floor, folks dancing out here, a real party atmosphere. as you look around, you can see all the tents set up in the parking lot, this is more than just a party. it's a slumber party. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: chicken fans dance the night away counting down the hours until the bay area's latest chick-fil-a opens its
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doors. it offers free meals to the first 100 people who show up for the opening. >> got to get in my work out somehow. >> reporter: he says he's here for his free meal because the chain has a near cult like following in his home state of tennessee. >> you have to have the air bed, and electrical outlets. >> reporter: kim is now a big fan. >> it's really good. it's homey, and it's fresh, and it tastes good. it tastes like, you know like it came out of your mom's kitchen. >> reporter: the chain has a fanatical following, but has
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also drown protests. organizers are calling for a peaceful protest at the site tomorrow morning. >> i'm a believer in free speech. i invite them here to express themselves. like i said, i'm going to treat them with honor, dignity, and respect. >> reporter: you saw folks who were partying here. some folks getting ready for bed. doors open at 6:30 a.m. fans are already planning out what they want for breakfast tomorrow morning. we return now to our election 2012 coverage. today was the first day in a long time that mitt romney wasn't out campaigning for president. the unexpected decision that romney made last night after he lost the election. >> reporter: this is what mitt romney faced when he awoke this morning in boston. freezing temperatures, gray skies, the stark reality that his dream of being president
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was over. we've learned right after romney made his concession speech, he made an unexpected decision to stay overnight at the westin hotel. >> it's a moving target when you work with the secret service. we did not expect the romney family to be staying overnight. >> reporter: his reporters left trying to figure out how the republicans win next time. >> the republican party needs to get they're house in order. stay out of people's private lives. leave women alone. >> reporter: the winner here was boston. the head of the convention and visiter's bureau told us boston came out at least $20 million richer, thanks to the romney campaign. 50 rooms just for his family and staff here. other hotels also at capacity. taxis and restaurants full. even the airports saw double the usual number of private jets. >> boston officials saying having the former governor of massachusetts here on election night was a godsend.
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just about making up for all the money lost last week from the cancelations during hurricane sandy. >> reporter: in boston, rita williams, ktvu, channel 2 news. president obama's reelection is being heavily attributed to the votes of minorities and young people. fox news exit polls show 60% of voters under the age of 30 chose mr. obama. he received support from 93% of blacks. 73% of asians, and 71% of hispanics. the president's victory points to the nation's changing demographic. >> republicans are not clicking with those groups. and as those groups grow, and republican policy stays the same, they're going to continue to lose elections. young republicans say the gop needs to start at the root of the group in its outreach
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efforts. how prop 30 effects college tuitions right away. >> the northeast is in the middle of a nor'easter bringing 60 mile-an-hour winds. this storm is not nearly as intense as sandy. but some recovery and cleanup work has stopped until it passes. it has also brought more power outages. thousands of residents who had just gotten their lights back on only to have it out again. one woman asked how much worse can it get? the bay area is also feeling the impact of that nor'easter. 31 flights were canceled. travelers were greeted with unwelcome notices that their
11:50 pm
plans were changing. >> got to wait until tomorrow to fly out. >> the storm is expected to hit with rain, snow, and high winds. >> united airlines suspended flights into and out of the area. you noticed it was cooler today. temperatures down about 10 or even more degrees in many locations. no records today, we had records a couple of days in a row. highs today still mild. it's all changing around. you can feel it outside right now. cooler air is coming our way. we talked about it last night. the computer model takes us into tomorrow morning about 10:00 a.m. cold air is in place, so when you get up, 40s. for some. that's a cool start to your thursday morning. as the showers start to show up, look what happens at noon. they're knocking at our door. probably showers in san rafael. might see thunder showers
11:51 pm
embedded in this. when i come back at 10:45, i'll roll this model through the day and into friday when there's more showers. people who live in oakland's diamond district met tonight to talk about crime. libby shaft told residents that yes, oakland needs more police officers, but it will take more time for crews to hit the streets. an attack on a woman near the diamond district back in september, and complaints about a slow police response triggered outrage among neighbors. the promise of cures for deadly diseases. a look into what happened to billions of dollars of public you're on timeout leo!
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educators across california are celebrating tonight after voters pass prop 30. it raises the sales tax to pay for education. when the ballots were counted almost 54% of voters said yes to proposition 30. 46% voted no. >> reporter: they are celebrating today in berkely, after california voters okayed a tax hike to fund public education. >> just a huge sigh of relief for all of us. >> really feels like a vote of confidence for the citizens of california. >> reporter: when i talked to the principal two weeks ago, prop 30 was not polling well. >> i'm really heartbroken. >> reporter: today, it's a much different feeling. >> this has just lifted this huge weight off of my shoulders. >> reporter: in this school district, the math was simple. without prop 30, $2 million would have been wiped out from
11:55 pm
this year's budget. rosa parks were preparing for as many as five furlough days and cuts. >> i'm filled with emotion. >> reporter: second grade teacher, tracy eaglehart was able to teach kids how elections directly impact them when a student asked what happened to prop 30. >> i said people decided that they wanted to pay taxes to pay for education. and so it's going to be good for our schools. >> reporter: of course opponents of prop 30 are disappointed with the election results. a spokesman for the stop prop 30 campaign emailed me a statement about the passage of the governor's tax measure. it said in part, he was able to effectively use education to blackmail voters into supporting his tax increase.
11:56 pm
the voters were duped. with the passage of prop 30, a $250 million mid-year budget cut will be avoided. csu schools will also start giving back the semester tuition hike it had already begun to collect from students. >> this is not instant coffee here. this takes time and effort. but we're on the correct, right path. and the agencies have already begun to put on their own commentary on how california is on the right path. >> it raises tax by a quarter of a sent for the next four years, and increases the income tax for people earning at least $250,000 a year for the next seven years. more details now on other tax measures approved in the bay
11:57 pm
area. in santa clairey county, voters approved a 1/8 of a cent tax increase. increases are in addition to the prop 30 hike. half a dozen other cities also approved sales tax increases. that may be a trend starting across the nation. according to the league of california cities, election night returns show 71% of local tax and bond measures passed. fiscal policy adviser, michael coleman says statewide 171 out of 240 measures passed. special taxes requiring 2/3 approval did not fare as well. we do not have any cures. >> nearly $2 billion spent. up next investigating a california proposition that promised big results, but may not have a big pay off. >> plus a new
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alright let's break it down.
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tonight we take a closer look at california's proposition 71. there are advances, but also charges of crony im, plus growing frustration. tonight, john fowler investigates the stem cell promise and pay off. >> reporter: he says he will walk again and he knows how. >> stem cells are going to get me out of the chair. i will walk again one day, because of stem cell research. >> reporter: reed, a paraplegic since a college football injury. voters believed stem cells might cure paralysis, heart
12:01 am
disease, you name it. and gave stern 3 billion taxpayer dollars. imagine a stock of dollar bills as high as the orbiting space station. bond men to find stem cell cures. jonathan thomas told me the $1.7 billion september to date built a dozen new laboratories. funded 1200 papers on curable diseases, and lured to california, 150 top scientists. backing the seven clinical trials, but the fda has not approved even one stem cell therapy. 6 months ago, the doctors got the okay to use a canadian treatment for dying children. >> it's really the new era of regenerative medicine.
12:02 am
>> reporter: critics say it's not whwhat voters had hoped for >> when you have, for example the head of the stanford medical school sitting on the board, and millions of dollars going to his school, does that not at least raise the appearance of conflict of interest? >> reporter: stanford has received $260 million. the most of any institution. newark's stem cells incorporated received $40 million. a -- we've learned it was after a closed door hearing in what one board member called arm twisting by the former chairman, and prop 71 author, bob cline. >> regrettably, they don't seem to have the oversight that
12:03 am
other public agencies have. >> reporter: jonathan thomas insists there is no wrongdoing that repeated reviews and adults show neither conflicts of interest, nor ethical problems. >> we have a lot of people looking over our shoulder. >> reporter: researchers have made advances. but stem cell pioneer michael west, and other industry leaders tell me they're frustrated. >> can we translate our research, basic scientistic discoveries into actual products? >> reporter: after 92% of the money going to basic research, isn't it time now to invest in what voters wanted? >> not just on buildings, but actual therapies that are going to meet the needs of living, breathing human buildings. >> reporter: reed says he's satisfied. >> we're having lots and lots of little steps. you don't see the little steps, but they're all adding up one day. >> reporter: scientists say
12:04 am
it's impossible to predict when. supporters of proposition 37 are now taking their fight to our states. the pro 37 coalition is already gathering signatures for similar initialtives in washington state and oregon. even though california voters shot down the proposal, consumer groups say shoppers deserve to know what's in their food. a national coalition is also asking the food and drug administration to take up the labeling issue. gay and lesbian activists are calling this election a watershed moment, as three states became the first to approve same-sex marriage at the ballot. in minnesota, voters rejected a proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage. voters in colorado and washington state passed measures legalizing marijuana
12:05 am
for residents 21 and older. the colorado measure will allow users to grow and possession up to 1 ounce of pot. the washington law allows for new rules for processing and selling marijuana. oregon voters rejected a similar measure. here in the bay area, palo alto rejected three medical marijuana dispensaries. measure c failed. san francisco police have made a second arrest in connection with the vandalism on a newny bus after the giants won the world series. nicholas hudson was taken into custody this morning. he faces felony charges including vandalism, and arson. police also released this photo of another person they're still looking for. he was seen breaking the windows of the bus with a skateboard. a injure found nathan
12:06 am
burres guilty. during his trial he testified that he killed debra ross, because he thought she was having an affair. burres is eligible for the death pennal, or life without parole. a judge dismissed murder charges against a man suspected of fatally shooting an east palo alto activist. the judge ruled they had inappropriately contained a confession from gregory elarms. he is accused of fatally shooting a man in 2010. elarms remains in jail. an election upset. the vote that unseats one of california's longest serving congressmen. and i'm back here in just a few minutes, forecasting rain in the forecast for thursday. and friday, i'll have the
12:07 am
timing on that, and when things will warm up around here,
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chevron says it plans to replace pipes in richmond with better piping, following that devastating fire back in august. those repair plans were outlined in a letter sent to the city of richmond. the general manager says he is optimistic they can complete those repairs on the crude unit by the first quarter of next year. the contra costa fire district says it will have to close four of its 28 fire stations come january after voters rejected a parcel tax. measure q failed to get the
12:10 am
votes needed last night. with 52% voting in favor. 47% voting no. firefighters also say besides the four stations being closed in january, there may be even more. six more may have to close by 2015. voters in southern alameda county replace the bay area's longest serving congressman. stark was nowhere to be found today. recently, he came under fire for living in a home in maryland. >> i would say that the people of this district unseated a congressman of 40 years, and it was their craving and desire to have someone who is going to show up, live in the district, and work hard for the people back in washington. >> we tried his district office in free month, and called his office in washington. his campaign manager sent a statement saying it's been an honor for stark to serve the
12:11 am
area for 40 years. swallwell is 31 years old. a man is in custody tonight accused of burglarizing nancy pelosi's home twice. police say they found him in the act of burglarizing another home. hagan admitted to burglarizing six homes. the captain says hagan didn't know it was pelosi's home when he broke in for the fir time. but he was aware when he went back for the second time. a quake struck near the border of mexico. it left at least 48 people dead. hundreds more injured. small hospitals are overwhelmed. in one down near the epicenter, at least 30 homes collapsed. it's also been difficult getting help there, because land slides are blocking
12:12 am
highways. in greece, parliament cut pensions and salaries even more than they've already been cut. hours later, protests outside parliament. the greek government said it needed to make the cuts to continue to qualify for bail out money and avoid immediate bankruptcy. in ghana, a five story shopping center collapsed just before it was set to open. rescue workers pulled out 46 survivers, but at least 3 people had died. the shopping center had been built earlier this year in a suburb of the capital. why
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the passage of prop 36 was welcome news to some three strike inmates serving life in prison. rob ross went to san quentin and talked to some three strikers who could see freedom soon. >> reporter: they spent a nervous night watching election returns. >> i didn't get any sleep. i'm exhausted. >> reporter: when proposition 36 won. >> this is the best day i've had. >> reporter: jonathan wilson is serving a life sentence. now that prop 36 has passed, he may get to go home. >> i would have never thought i would actually get to be free with my family again. >> reporter: it has to be for a violent, or serious crime.
12:16 am
a nonviolent crime, no longer necessarily means a life sentence. >> it will boil down to whether the resentencing of the inmate will pose a risk to public security. >> reporter: among them, this prisoner. >> it's very emotional. >> reporter: he's serving a life sentence for stealing children's clothes from a department store. >> my kids don't even know their dad. >> reporter: many law enforcement agencies, and victim's rights groups say releasing three time convicts is rolling the dice. >> we're trying to do the right thing so maybe society can see that people can change. >> reporter: at san quentin prison, rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news. california voters rejected proposition 34 which would have replaced the death penalty with life in prison without the possibility of parole. californians voted down the proposition 53% to 47%.
12:17 am
currently, there are 727 inmates on death roll. since california reinstated the death penalty, 13 inmates have been executed. the last execution was in 2006. before a federal judge put executions on hold in california as a result of legal challenges to lethal injection. a reminder that you can get ktvu news to go. download the ktvu app, click on live icon, and watch all of our newscasts live on your mobile device. the man known as mark ustaf was taken into custody. he admitted to four of eight alleged violations. none involves the film that sparked so many protests in the middle east. miraga school district apologized for a swimming coach for using language that drew
12:18 am
criticism around the world. christian was abused by two teachers in the 1990s. she sued the district saying it repeatedly ignored her allegations of abuse. the district lawyer said she may have been negligent and careless. she told ktvu that claim was quote heartbreaking. today, the district said it would drop that aspect of its defense. and things are changing around fast. a big cool down today. we talked about that. this is the mechanism for the cooling. this area of weather moving bay area. right now, you see the high clouds moving in right here. this cold air is going to come down from the arctic or polar region. overnight lows tonight, cooler than last night. cooler than they've been. 45 in santa rosa. 43 in napa.
12:19 am
you think these are cool, wait until friday morning and saturday morning. temperatures near freezing or at freezing in many locations. here's what we have in store for us tonight. a little fog along the coast. cool overnight, thursday and friday, widely scattered showers. is it a gully washer? no, it's widely scattered showers. sunny here, raining there. all over the place for the next 48 hours. so plan accordingly, maybe keep an umbrella in the car. keep a jacket in the car. as kids head to school tomorrow, and you head to work. you need a jacket in the morning, but it doesn't warm up in the afternoon that much. upper 50s, low 60s. so the cold air gets here. a winter weather advisory in the mountain areas. fog along the coast goes away. thursday at 1:00, it starts to move in, the rain, the scattered showers. thursday, about 5:00, down the south bay, you have scattered showers. maybe a little bit of wet on the roadways tomorrow afternoon, from fremont to san jose, to mountain view.
12:20 am
down towards gilroy. at 9:00 tomorrow night, it looks like we're going to get another showers. another round friday. in the mountains we're looking for snow, down to 3,000 feet. maybe some snow on bay area peaks. then you get to saturday morning, it clears out, but now the cold air sits here. overnight lows into the freezing level. so the winter weather advisory for the lake tahoe area. maybe a foot of snow. 3,000feet. down to 3,000 feet. maybe 2500 feet. forecast highs tomorrow, not very warm. about 30 degrees cooler than they were just two days ago. or just a day ago, actually. 62 in morgan hill. 62 in gilroy. the five-day forecast shakes out like this. it doesn't feel like a november storm. it feels to me like a march, or spring storm. it will have that very cold air. widely scattered showers, maybe even a thunder shower.
12:21 am
>> 90 degrees on monday, and now talk being snow on bay area peaks in the next couple of days. >> one of the bigger swings we've had from here to here. keep the jackets with you. we will. san francisco police arrested a woman accused of stealing a puppy from the spca. an employee spotted violet walked by somebody on market street. violet was stolen on october alright let's break it down.
12:22 am
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it's beginning to look a lot like christmas at the capital. crews now plan to decorate the tree with ornament, and 12,000 l.e.d. lights. >> it's coming up fast. mark is here now with warriors, a few challenges for them tonight, but they didn't let it stop them. >> sometimes you just can't call in sick. a flu bug ravaging the roster tonight, but once they took the court, everything looking pretty much 98.6. normal. pablo sandoval, the mvp of the series on hand. check him out. curry back on the beam. 21 tonight. turnovers the key, calves 16 and the warriors ability to convert. david lee stole it. the rookie harrison barnes cashing in on the other end.
12:26 am
lee hit hardest with the flu says he was violently ill earlier in the day. sucked it up. the slam there. 106-96. warriors now 3-2. they play the lakers on friday night. looking for another bay area championship? not going to happen with the san jose quakes. playoff soccer mls style. but meeting their match in the south bay tonight against los angeles and the david beckhams. l.a. got off to a quick start. already up 1-0 here in the 1st half. 34th minute. landon donovan, remember him? to robbie keen. his second goal. nice gymnastics right into the camera. he is an athlete. l.a. up 3-0 at this point. gordon would finally find a way to score for the quakes. but the score has it 3-2. that is the way it ends for the quakes this season. a couple of former oakland a's, taking on a new challenger too. one of them beats out a former
12:27 am
giant for a job. walt weis is now the choice to manage the colorado rockies. quite an interesting select for the rockies. he has no former managerial experience except at his son's high school outside denver. it will be a first for him. but anyone in baseball will tell you, he's a character guy. quite capable of making that jump. we'll see. the other former a taking on a challenge. mark mcgwire after three years as the batting coach of the cards, is now going to head back to his native southern california and take the same position with the dodgers. he will have plenty of talent to work with in that batting order. andre ethier, matt kemp, adrian gonzalez to name a few. a little baseball stuff. that's the sporting news. thank you for trusting ktvu, channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time
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